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Welcome aboard

the wings of Pantanal

Our base of operations is at 40 minutes flight time from Pantanal, making us the most experienced operator for trips to the largest continous wetland in the planet. We are a Brazilian Airline based in Cuiaba International Airport that flies charter flights mainly to locations in the central western region of our country.

We currently have a fleet of safe, modern, high-wing, turbo-prop Cessna Grand Caravans that can carry up to 9 passengers along with two crew members. Our services have been transporting tourists from all over the world for more than 10 years.


We are certified by our local civil aviation authority (ANAC) under the part 135 regulations and our safety was assured in 2019 with the Internation Air Transportation Association Standard Safety Assessment (IATA-ISSA).


Since our beggining we have transported more than 100.000 passengers in scheduled flights. At more than 35.000 hours flying Cessna Caravans we are one of the most experienced operators of this aircraft in Brazil.


Since the COVID-19 spread across the world, we have adapted our procedures for cleaning, boarding, flying and arriving so your trip can be as safe as possible from origin to destination.

Acknowledged Cessna Grand Caravan operator with more than 36.000 flight hours experience all over Brazil.


Travel alone or in a group of up to 9 people in our modern aircraft to destinations in and out of Mato Grosso and Pantanal region in Safety, Privacy and Confort.

Get to know our charter options to Hotels, EcoTours and custom destinations according to your needs.

Safely fly employees, partners and associates directly to their destination fast and easy.

Travel in our modern and safe aircraft with privacy and confort. Get to know our options for one-way, two-way (with or without overnights) and recurring charters.


Viewing things from above allows to see the greatness and beauty of Brazil’s nature. We create flight experiences that will make you live and share memorable moments. Day and night.